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About Us

The World Vegan Shop is passionate about animals, the environment and the vegan community. We believe we are all in it together and collectively we can make a difference. This philosophy has inspired World Vegan Shop to create an online platform where anyone can promote, highlight and sell any vegan or plant-based products. 

We are eager to support small businesses to enable them to grow and pave the way for further vegan ventures but equally we stand by trailblazing brands who have inspired so many to follow in their footsteps. We also made a point of joining the Vegan Traders Union in the UK so that all our customers know we are a vegan company.

World Vegan Shop have made a concerted effort to make sure that all of the services and technologies we use are run on environmentally sustainable and renewable energy, from our servers to our banking system. We strongly believe in community and will be giving back 21% of our profits each year to vegan good causes across the UK, allowing our customers to determine where these funds are directed.

Our goal is to demonstrate that businesses can thrive whilst being ethically, socially and environmentally conscious. Protecting animals and the environment is an important part of our ethos at World Vegan Shop. Like everyone, we are a work in progress and as we evolve we hope to be involved in more vegan good causes, helping as many animals as we can, while protecting the world’s ancient trees. We look to serve our beautiful planet.

World Vegan Shop is excited to embark on this journey to create a vegan world with your support.     

Meet the Team

Harry Sagoo was born and raised in Kenya around a caring environment for animals. Yet when asked by a friend in 2012 how he can love animals and still eat them, he embraced a new path of vegetarianism, becoming fully vegan in 2015.  Since then he continues to grow opportunities for sustaining a vegan lifestyle and environments for animals to thrive.

Harry takes good care of himself and follows a Spiritual path that combines meditation and martial arts practices. You'll find him at his happiest practising Qigong and meditation techniques, which he's been committed to for over a decade. He's also training in Tai Chi and Aikido.

Having vast experience in corporate environments, Harry also brings with him knowledge in sales and skills in implementing effective marketing strategies. He's done it all, from knocking on doors to project managing national campaign launches for products in the UK.

His core belief is that we all have a responsibility to look after each other and the natural world, this has driven him to make The World Vegan Shop a project that raises the awareness of vegan good causes in the UK and give back to them.

Martin Hathaway was vegetarian from 2008 and went Vegan overnight after watching Carnage in 2017. Since then he tries to attend animal rights marches whenever he can, also making an annual trip to the UK Vegan Camp Out festival.  He regularly helps out at his local bird sanctuary. He is always learning just how sweet and clever birds can be! At home he has two lovely mice that he rescued with his partner, called Magnus and Parsley.

Martin is an aspiring lightweight drug free Strongman competitor, which has lead to some great activism when people are shocked he is Vegan! He normally posts his exercises on Instagram (@GingerBeardVegan), so feel free to give him a follow as he works to get stronger!

Martin brings with him a wide knowledge of  IT expertise which has been developed out of personal interest in computing but also in capacity as IT manager of a software company.

Martin also believes passionately about caring for one another and the natural world and is proud to be part of the World Vegan Shop helping good causes.