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by Harry Sagoo

We are ordinary people, sitting anywhere for up to 10 minutes at 11am each Saturday, to show our concern for the climate crisis #SitForClimate JOIN US!


Do want to show your concern about the climate in a simple and peaceful way?
Now you can, with #SITFORCLIMATE, an inclusive regular action that breaks no laws and causes no disruption. It’s a high impact, low risk way for the silent majority to speak up….

#SITFORCLIMATE is a brief, regular mass sit down happening every Saturday at 11am for up to 10 minutes. It’s for people who are worried about the climate crisis and want governments and big businesses to take urgent action about it. We can demonstrate our feelings together at the same moment.

Everyone can join in, everywhere, every week. It’s easy, here’s how ….

1. Make a sign (any size you like) which says #SITFORCLIMATE e OR download the picture [link here] ready to show it on your phone. If you want to, you can add more words to your sign to explain to curious passers-by why you have stopped and sat down. It’s up to you.

2. Choose a place to sit. This can be anywhere you chose or wherever you happen to be. The more public the place, the more impact you will have on others (and the more people who will join in next time). You can sit on your own, or with family or friends. You can sit on the ground, on the floor, on a park bench or on a bicycle. You can sit in the street, in a shop, in a field or even in your garden. The only limit is your imagination and the need to stay safe.

3. On any Saturday at 11am, just sit down and hold your sign (or your phone with the #SITFORCLIMATE image) so that everyone who sees you gets the message. Stay there for up to ten minutes. Afterwards you could upload a photo to social media …………. And share your concerns with the world. It might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable to start with. But we can’t fix the climate crisis unless we move out of our comfort zones, and starting to do something about things which worry you can make a big difference to how you feel.
It might also feel exhilarating. Certainly other people will be curious, most of them will be supportive. A few might be hostile - because some people prefer not to be reminded about problems. If you are at all worried about negative reactions, sit close to a friend or in a place where there are plenty of people. If you are challenged, you can quietly explain that you are only going to be sitting there for 10 minutes. Discussions are great, but try to avoid arguments. Keep safe. Remember that you have a perfect right to sit down quietly and peacefully for 10 minutes demonstrating your feelings.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube : sitforclimate



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