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Product and Business Profiles

by Harry Sagoo

WVS has created this space for Vegan businesses to showcase themselves and their products which we hope leads to more knowledge of new innovative products and also to inspire new vegan ventures.

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Quinn & Quill London

by Harry Sagoo

Following the birth of baby Quinn one thing became clear. Ever since she can remember, Tee Satanee has had a passion for drawing. The challenges of motherhood highlighted the importance of this passion, as Tee Satanee was often found with Quinn in one arm, and a pen in the other, doodling joyfully in between night feeds and nap times.

It was during one of these night feeds, somewhere between 27th and 28th December 2021, that we made the bold New Year Resolution to start a family business. Luckily, it turns out we were much more committed to this than the gym-related resolutions of years gone by! Within a couple of days we had incorporated and set about planning how exactly we were going to realise the dream we'd dared to turn into a reality. The combination of Tee Satanee's illustrative talents, and Jack's life-long passion for the environment and sustainability led to the formation of an ethical greetings cards business named Quinn & Quill London.

Although we had given ourselves up to a year to launch a fully-functional business, it was in fact just under four months before we launched our website! This was an intense journey; with lots of twists and turns, ups and downs, moments of doubt and frustration. However, all of this has been replaced by the overwhelming feeling of pride having realised our initial vision for Quinn and Quill London.
A picture of Satanee celebrating Vegan Friendly certification with a meal at Mildred’s, Soho

A definite highlight of our journey has been acquiring certification from Vegan Friendly UK. Meeting their high certification standards gave us a lot of confidence in our vision, and all the motivation we needed to push ahead with bringing it to life.

The Hemp Pantry

by Harry Sagoo

The Hemp Pantry is located in Fareham, Hampshire, England. The company’s vision is to support and encourage sustainable, plant-based food production, and to show that food can be produced with an ingredients list that anyone can understand and that benefits people and the environment now and into the future.

The Hemp Pantry are producers of premium, certified organic hemp food products.

Founded in 2017 by private chef Matthew Atkins, he began his chef career at 16. As passionate about travelling as he is about cooking, at 19 he moved to Europe and worked as a chef in restaurants and hotels across the continent. After four successful years in mainland Europe, he then became a private chef on board luxury superyachts providing 6* service to some of the world’s most influential people. It was during this time that he started to develop his own products to cater to his discerning vegan and dairy-free clients and their guests.
The Hemp Pantry was set up to support and encourage sustainable, plant-based food production, and to show that food can be produced with an ingredients list that anyone can understand and that benefits people and the environment now and into the future.

Determined to improve many of the early vegan recipes he prepared, he started researching and using unique ingredients in order to reach the level of excellence he wanted. Not being able to find suitable, high quality plant-based alternatives, he decided to create his own.
By utilising the most sustainable plant on the planet we produce and sell a wide range of organic hemp products including a plant-based alternative to butter, plant-based fudge, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, cold pressed hemp seed oil plus our relaxing hemp tea infusions.

British hemp is sweeping the nation and for all the right reasons. From sustainability to carbon footprint, zero waste and regenerative agriculture, hemp has proven to be a wonder crop of the world. All of our hemp is sourced from organic farms across the United Kingdom so when you buy hemp from us you are supporting UK hemp famers and the food sovereignty movement.

If it's Cruel it's not Cool

by Harry Sagoo

If it’s cruel, it’s not cool. ™

Kind, sensitive and bright, our resident 10 year old entrepreneur Riley Buck coined the slogan.

To encourage vegan entrepreneurship, World Vegan Shop trademarked the slogan and is working with her on a new clothing range. WVS will be saving 20 % of the profits into her own savings account to use when she gets older.
She insisted on plastic-free packaging. So we sourced a supplier committed to an ethical supply chain. Enjoy the creations by a talented young lady!

We hope this encorages more young vegans to become entrepreneurs.