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Vegan-Inclusive Education Ltd

by Harry Sagoo

Vegan-Inclusive Education Ltd exists to help parents and pupils to support their schools to become vegan-inclusive.

Pupils and parents can register their schools on the map at Once a school is registered we'll send them a letter and pack explaining why vegan-inclusive education is important, and easy steps to take to make things better.

Too often vegan pupils' needs are dismissed. This can have severe consequences, including teasing and bullying - by other children, but also school staff.

Ethical veganism is a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010. State schools in England, Scotland and Wales are covered by the Public Sector Equality Duty. This means they must routinely integrate inclusive thinking and equality in relation to the protected characteristics covered by the Act. Lots of schools don't realise that ethical veganism is covered in these considerations. We aim to help schools understand their responsibilities, gain the knowledge and CPD they need to make appropriate policies and procedures, and support them along the way.

If you would like any support for your school you can reach us at

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