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Q: What is the World Vegan Shop website?
A: The World Vegan Shop (WVS) is a marketplace designed to exclusively cater for vegans, plant based individuals and people who are environmentally conscious. We also are very passionate about giving back to society and therefore we also promote good causes as well as help fund them through the purchases people make. The more you buy and sell the more we can give.

Q: How much does WVS donate to good causes?
A: We donate 21% of our profits to good causes in the UK.

Q: Which good causes do you support?
A: Good causes are nominated by our members, once you register with us you may nominate a vegan good cause and we vet the organisation before bringing them onboard.

Q: How do I support a good cause?
A: FOR REGISTERED MEMBERS ONLY. Every time you purchase an item on WVS you get 1 token for every £1 you spend. Tokens can be used in the good cause section where you would buy the item (quantity = amount of tokens) and check out. Only tokens can be used in this category. Vendors will have to create a separate customer account if they wish to accumulate tokens when they buy items on WVS.

Q: Are all the products on the World Vegan Shop Vegan?
A: Yes, all the products are vegan; we moderate every product to make sure that it is vegan or plant-based. However there is always a possibility that one slips through the net. If we find a seller listing non vegan items they do get a warning and if any other breaches are made we will suspend their account.

Q: Who can sell items on the Website and how do I apply?
A: Currently only people with a business PayPal account can sell items on the marketplace, it is very easy to convert a personal account to a business one with just a few clicks and they are no extra obligations or checks for this. You may sell used or new items. To apply to be a seller please click on the tab at the top of the page and fill in your details.

Q: Which countries are products on the World Vegan Shop available?
A: Currently the products on our marketplace are only available for shipping in the UK.

Q: How do I pay for items on the WVS website?
A: We have opted to use the PayPal commerce platform, this means you can either pay by PayPal or pay by using a debit or credit card which will be processed by PayPal. All transactions are run through PayPal who offer one of the most secure payment systems in the world.